breathe bokeh!

breathe bokeh! by kaniths
breathe bokeh!, a photo by kaniths on Flickr.

Week #23 / Project 52 // Facebook

  1. Lovely shot! What kind of equipment did you use for this?

    • kaniths said:

      Nikon 5100 with a Nikkor 35mm f1.8g, using natural / window light.

      • Oh that’s nice. I recently bought the Nikon D5100 for myself, along with the kit lens. Saving up for a few primes and external flashes now 🙂 The 35mm is high up on my wishlist, but in a tough battle with the 50mm, just can’t seem to finalize on either one!

        • kaniths said:

          Depends on what kind of photography u do the most.. I use 35mm for Street, Stock & Still Life photography. Bokeh & wide angle r a plus with 35mm.. suits me better than 50mm

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